BPFL Week 10 Wrap: Son of MGlo Sweeps the Commissioners

For the second week in a row, we’re a little late with the Backpost Fantasy League recap, running it into the following round of action. But we think you’ll find it’s better late than never with this one. Your Week 10 wrapup comes not from Co-Commissioner MGlo, but from his son, Matt, who has inherited his father’s knack for trash talk, and may be closing in on the old man atop the BPFL standings.

Take it away Matt!:

’Twas a weekend that many will forget, but not the other Co-Commissioner, Our Man at the Valley.

OMATV’s team, Disgruntled Numpties, lost to my I am Liverpool by a score of 58-44. That makes me two-for-two against the Co-Commissioners’ teams!

Many of you will question why this is such an achievement. For most it’s just another win. Not for me. That’s because MGlo is my father and OMATV is an old family friend, so it is always an enjoyable experience for me to beat the two of them (nearly one after the other, no less).

My defeat of Old27m (his only loss so far) reminded me of a similar time last year when I also beat him. Last year’s triumph led to a spiraling collapse on his part, which ended with the old man finishing outside of the Top 10 (something I make sure he never forgets). As for last week’s clash, the defeated told me, “Congrats on the victory! I’ll get you in week 24!

While my Dad sounded OK in his comment, I later received an email from the Numpties owner pleading with me not to mention his loss. Considering that I am such a nice guy, I wrote back that it would be “no problem” and that “I would not mention my victory.” But as luck would have it, the email didn’t send for some reason. In spite of this, I would like to send a shout-out to the Numpties for a hard fought match, but it would seem that with age does not come wisdom, and boy, is it good to be young!

The Numpties made two transfers last week—one more than allowed—and that cost them 4 points. One of those transfers turned out to be one of the week’s high scorers, Marouane Fellaini, who enjoyed a 15-point game in Everton’s 2-2 draw with Fulham. Unfortunately, I had him as well.

His other change was to bring in Ryan Shawcross, whose 1 point was basically a waste. The Numpties captain, Gareth Bale, produced 4 points, which was also a waste. My captain, Robin Van Persie, on the other hand, pulled down 16 points, double what he provided for our Numpties friend. OMATV also played Gael Clichy, who had a nice 8-point week, but again to no advantage, as my team had him as well.  Jussi Jaaskelainen was a big help to my victory as he produced 7 points in West Ham’s 0-0 draw with the highly favored defending champions, Manchester City.

Next week holds another derby game for me as I am Liverpool takes on The Losers, a match that will be broadcast on ESPN2 at 7:25/5:25 a.m. EST/CST. The name suits the team that sits in 10th place in our 14-team league. I’ve heard rumors that the manager may get sacked because of his lack of effort this season. Rarely does this guy make changes, but worse than that he is an Arsenal fan—I have already received an I’d Rather Walk Alone shirt from him, and do not plan on getting another.

Two weeks from that is another important match for the boys as I am Liverpool takes on Colorado Keeper on FOX Soccer Plus at 11/9 a.m. EST/CST. The Reds look to avenge the loss they suffered at the beginning of the season and once again prove that age is hardly a virtue.

Performance of the Week: Of course this honor would only be fit for my I am Liverpool, which had 58 points, the highest total in the league this week.

Unlucky Loser: Prison Mike took this one with 51 points, the fourth-highest total in the league, which would have beaten 10 other teams.

Thanks Matt. We expect the two old men to tumble out of the Top 10 by season’s end.


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