BPFL Weeks 11 and 12: Think You’re Good at This? Abes Army Is Beating You Without Even Trying

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all the Yanks out there. BPFL Co-Commissioner Our Man at the Valley has the recap for Weeks 11 and 12, and if you’ve been toiling with weekly changes to your roster all season, get prepared to be depressed:

Every few weeks we’ve been handing out an award to the member of the BPFL whose lack of attention to the league has caused his team to plummet in the standings. We’ve called it the Asleep at the Wheel Award and I’ve been waiting for 11 weeks to present it to Abes Army.

Through the first 11 weeks of the season the Army fulfilled one necessary part of winning the award. That is, he made no changes from the team he organized at the beginning of the season. However, instead of sinking down the table the Army has steadily risen, and occupied third place after 11 weeks, with a stellar 7-0-4 record.

He’s had some long term absentees, through either injury or managerial indifference, in Michael Vorm, Scott Sinclair and Mousa Dembele, but a core group of 11 players has kept the Army chugging along nicely.

Now the Army might have had a little luck of the draw, given that he had the same number of total points through 11 weeks as our 13th-place team, but I’d prefer to credit good scouting and a solid back five.

Leading up to Gameweek 12, the Army finally made his first two changes of the season, bringing in Marouane Fellaini and Yaya Toure for Sinclair and David Silva. While the changes didn’t help in the short run (Silva had a lot of points and Fellaini is now banned for an accumulation of yellow cards), the result was another good one, as Abes Army beat Fall River Marksmen, 51 to 43.

The Army has reached the lofty heights of second place, only six points adrift of our leader, Old27M.

In addition to Abes Army there were multiple wins for Nearpost and Prison Mike. There were consecutive losses for ColoradoKeeper, Fall River Marksmen and Average.

Performance of the week: I am Liverpool took the honors in Gameweek 11 with 64 points. In Gameweek 12, Prison Mike and Rise* of FC Hammer each topped the group with 61 points.

Thanks OMATV. And curse you, Abes Army! Don’t forget to set your teams this week, folks, and good luck.


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