BPFL Weeks 17, 18, and 19: Old27m Holds Serve

BPFL Subbuteo

There’s a lot of catching up  to do, so let’s get right to it and hand the mic to MGlo for his sweeping recap of Weeks 17, 18 and 19 in the Backpost Fantasy League:

• Gameweek 17 was all about two things: qualifying for the Cup and Arsenal’s Santi  Cazorla. With regard to the latter, I was one of the lucky ones who had the Spanish midfielder in their squad. His three goals, one assist and 3 Bonus points allowed my Old27m to return to winning ways and hold on to the lead in the Backpost table. Cazorla also helped Rise* of FC Hammer come from behind and defeat second-place Markansas 81-65. Both were award winners during this week, as the former took home the Performance of the Week, while Markansas suffered the indignity of being the Unlucky Loser.

Hammer’s win moved them into a four-way tie for fourth place with Colorado Keeper, Sporting de Dijon and I Am Liverpool.

As for the Cup, 11 of the 13 teams qualified for the first round. Only Colorado Keeper and Prison Mike could not muster up the points needed to play with the big boys.

• Gameweek 18 was a very odd one. There was a lack of goals—only 16 scored in the first nine matches—and then Chelsea hit half that amount against an awful Aston Villa in the last game on Sunday. The lack of goals also (naturally) yielded clean sheets galore as eight of the 20 teams were held scoreless. Injuries played a part as well, and several times the third player on the bench was brought in to help various squads.

Chelsea’s Ramires coming on for Abes Army with 20 minutes to go and scoring two goals and picking up 3 Bonus points just made my loss that much more painful. Abe has made two changes all season, and he got 18 points from his three substitutes! What a joke!

Anyway, my lead at the top was trimmed to just 3 points over the Army, while Colorado Keeper moved into a tie with Markansas, who dropped down one spot to third, and are 2 points further back. Disgruntled Numpties moved back into the Top 5 and like my Old27m squad are the only teams in the league who have reached 1000 points for the season.

The Keeper took home Performance of the Week honors with 77 points, 44 of which came from his four defenders and goalkeeper. Markansas unfortunately was the Unlucky Loser for the second week running.

As for the Cup highlights, it was really more like lowlights, as only 4 of our 11 teams moved into the second round. Congratulations to Rise* of FC Hammer, Disgruntled Numpties, Abes Army and I Am Liverpool.

• Gameweek 19 was a one-day affair that was very difficult for some because of a lack of players. Besides the injuries and suspensions, there was the postponement of the Arsenal v West Ham match due to a tube strike in the capital. I for one was short five players for the week but my 10 managed to get past Clever and Witty’s eight to keep me on top of the table. Colorado Keeper’s second straight win, producing their second straight Performance of the Week, moved them into the second spot, 6 points behind yours truly. Third place is now home to Disgruntled Numpties, who did me a favor by dispatching Abes Army, now in fourth on point differential.

Rise* of FC Hammer, I Am Liverpool, and Markansas are all tied for fifth, the latter earning the distinction of having the Unlucky Loser award named after him. Yes, it is three weeks in a row that his team has picked up this gong.

In the Cup, the Numpties, Hammer, and Liverpool all advanced, while Abes Army were eliminated.

There were two big matches worth noting in Gameweek 20. Our Man at the Valley’s recaps will appear soon, but here’s a preview: First was the Neville Derby between brothers Colorado Keeper and Disgruntled Numpties (Numpties took the first match 64-48). Then there was the Eidur Gudjohnsen Bowl, as my Old27m team took on the upstarts that are I Am Liverpool (that’s father vs son; Google the Gudjohnsen story if need be).

I lost the first meeting 53-37. It was 13 weeks ago, but it feels like yesterday.

Defeat is not an option this time around.

Thanks MGlo. We’ll get the Week 20-21 recap up before Round 22 kicks off.


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