BPFL Weeks 20 and 21: With Suarez and Van Persie Leading the Way, the Goals Go Flying In

BPFL Subbuteo

Give it up for Our Man at the Valley, who’s here to get us caught up on all things BPFL, covering Gameweeks 20 and 21.

You’re on, OMATV:

Wow, there were a lot of matches in the EPL over the past two weeks. Five Gameweeks came and went in a blur, punctuated by a ton of goals from Luis Suarez and Robin van Persie.

There were close to four goals per game during Gameweeks 20 and 21. Clean sheets were thus at a premium, but Manchester United and Liverpool each mustered a pair of them.

In the Backpost League there were multiple victories for Abes Army, Rise* of FC Hammer and Colorado Keeper.

There were a pair of losses each for The Losers, Clever and Witty, I Am Liverpool and the freefalling Marskansas.

As the dust settled during a quick break for the third round of the FA Cup, the Backpost table still showed Old27M at the top, though his lead is down to two points over Colorado Keeper. Abes Army is also within a victory of the top spot.

Two of our number remain alive in the website-wide Fantasy Cup. My Disgruntled Numpties and Rise* of FC Hammer have each won four rounds of Cup play. By my calculations, that puts us in the hat for the round of 128,000 for Gameweek 22; yes, that’s a mighty big hat.

Numpties and Rise were also the two teams to win the Performance of the Week honors over the two most recent Gameweeks. The Hammer tallied 67 points in Gameweek 20 and the Numpties racked up 93 points in Gameweek 21.

Clever and Witty were your Unlucky Losers in Gameweek 20. Their 50 points were better than all but two other teams; unfortunately for them, they lost by 17 to the Hammer.

In Gameweek 21, our defending champion created another Unlucky Loser, as he dropped the Hammer on Sporting de Dijon, 83-69.

There’s a big match in Gameweek 22, as Rise* of FC Hammer takes on our current leader Old27M.

Additionally, there’s a Wildcard available in January for all teams. Use it!!!

Thanks OMATV. Set your lineups, folks. Week 22 kicks off in about 10 hours.


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