BPFL Weeks 22 and 23: Wildcards, People, Wildcards


Esteemed BPFL Co-Commissioner and Steve Ralston doppelganger MGlo is here, and he has your recap for Gameweeks 22 and 23:

The last thing OMATV said at the end of his most recent recap was that there was a January Wildcard available and that we should use it. Well, use it I did and it came in very handy for my Old27M squad.

Trying to fend off the challengers from taking the top spot from me, I loaded up on Chelsea players Juan Mata, David Luiz and Cesar Azpilicueta, with Rickie Lambert thrown in for good measure as both the Blues and Southampton had two matches for the week. It certainly worked in Gameweek 22 as I racked up 64 of my 81 points from just those four players. That allowed me to do the double over reigning Champion Rise* of FC Hammer and move five points clear at the top.

Hammer, the Unlucky Loser for the week, saw their string of three victories stopped, and face a tricky match with fourth-place Abes Army this week. The Army saw their two-game winning run come to an end, and drop down to the fourth spot on goal difference. Second-place Colorado Keeper could not get past the Average team and saw their four-game winning streak halted. They are now just a point better than third-place Disgruntled Numpties, who have won four of their last five, and were hell bent on beating this week’s opponent, sixth-placed I Am Liverpool, who as we all remember (or at least he won’t let Numpties forget) took down the Numpties back in Gameweek 10.

Liverpool earned the Week 22 Performance of the Week with 91 points thanks to a defense that produced seven clean sheets!

Gameweek 23 featured two more teams with two matches in the cycle, and by the looks of things, not many of you took advantage of the Wildcard on offer.

My first-place Old27m squad (well prepared for the double week) and second-place Colorado Keeper team both easily dispatched the bottom two clubs and kept the five-point gap between us.

Rise* of FC Hammer moved back into third place with an easy victory over Abes Army, who hasn’t received much help from YaYa Toure recently. However, the Army is still tied for fourth place with Disgruntled Numpties despite having made 21 fewer transfers!

The Numpties suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of sixth-place I Am Liverpool. While the point differential was just four (and that’s because Liverpool used an extra transfer) it’s really more of a psychological blow. Fortunately for the Numpties, they did not see the Liverpool manager dancing on his way to the bus this morning singing “whoa, Theo Walcott!”

The Numpties, the Unlucky Loser for Week 23, do, however, have a bright spot as they are still in the Cup, along with Hammer. I believe this is the round of 32000. Keep the Backpost flag flying bhoys!

Hammer and I shared the Performance of the Week honors as we both feasted on Arsenal’s Theo Walcott and Santi Cazorla, who earned us 48 of our 93 points.

Games next week are midweek, and it’s your last chance to use your wildcard, so get on the ball!

Thanks MGlo. No games this weekend, folks. Gameweek 24 starts on Tuesday, Jan. 29.


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