WAG of the Week: “Streaker” from 2008 U.S. Olympic Qualifer vs Honduras

Remember this one? She was a spirited lass. Of course, we’re using the term WAG very loosely here, but it’s late on a Friday, so let’s just say that for one brief, enjoyable interlude, she was the U.S. Soccer community’s missus.

Broadcaster Christian Miles did not hold back in his assessment—“Not too shabby!”—and there was even a replay of her dash, which may be a first in the history of U.S. pitch invaders.

Take a look:

A slipshod Google search did not turn up much info on this healthy female, so we don’t even know her name, but we seem to recall that she was offered, and accepted, an invitation to pose in a gentleman’s magazine soon after her stirring cameo in the U.S.–Honduras Olympic qualifier. Not sure how that turned out, but that could be a research project for the more enterprising readers out there.

(The U.S. won the game, btw, 1-0 on a stoppage-time penalty by Eddie Gaven.)

Enjoy the weekend.


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