BPFL Weeks 24 and 25: Two Cups, No Girls

BPFL Subbuteo

The one and only Our Man at the Valley is gearing up for the crucial U.S. World Cup qualifier taking place in his hometown next month, but in the meantime he’s cooked up a recap of the past two weeks of the Backpost Fantasy League.

Here he is:

Unless the editor of this site chooses a WAG of the week to accompany this article, I’ll just focus on the cups in this recap of Gameweeks 24 and 25 of the BPFL [Check back later for the WAG—Ed.].

We’ll start with the end of our participation in the website-wide Fantasy Cup. The last remaining contestants from the BPFL were eliminated in Gameweek 24, which by my calculations was the round of 32,000. The eighth hurdle proved too high for both Rise* of FC Hammer (a 69-64 loser) and Disgruntled Numpties (crushed 56-32). So, not a bad performance from those two teams, though given their overall ranking (each around 10,000th out of nearly 2.6 million entries) they might have hoped for better.

And, so, one more cup to tell you about:  The BPFL Cup begins this coming Gameweek. In a modification from last year’s format, we’ll have each of the first three rounds contested over a two Gameweek aggregate basis (tiebreaks, if necessary, will follow the rules for the Fantasy Cup).

Our two leaders, Old27M and Colorado Keeper, receive byes into the second round.

Below are the matchups for the first round, to be contested over Gameweeks 26 and 27:

I Am Liverpool v Sporting de Dijon

Average v Abes Army

Marskansas v Disgruntled Numpties

Rise* of FC Hammer v Clever & Witty

Nearpost v Fall River Marksmen

The Losers v Prison Mike

In the Premier League, the big news to digest during Gameweeks 24 and 25 was the closing of the transfer window and the concurrent addition of many players I hadn’t heard of before. While fewer big names moved at the end of the January compared to some recent years, there was still plenty of action. My advice: Take Mario Balotelli out of your side.

QPR and Newcastle seemed like the big buyers of the month and both seemed to follow their own themes.  QPR bought from Spurs (Andros Townsend and Jermaine Jenas) and Newcastle bought from France (too many to mention; really).

In the BPFL, there were multiple victories for Old27M, Colorado Keeper, Rise* of FC Hammer and a resurgent Average. Not surprisingly, this quartet occupies four of the top five spots in the table, with Old27M continuing to lead Colorado Keeper by five points.

There were a pair of losses for Sporting de Dijon, a freefalling Abes Army (four straight losses after touching the lofty heights of second place), Prison Mike and The Losers.

Old27M won Performance of the Week honors in Gameweek 24, with 67 points. Fall River Marksmen took the same gong in Gameweek 25, with 70 points.

In my opinion, no one deserved the Unlucky Loser award in either Gameweek.

After a quick midweek international break we’re back on Saturday for Gameweek 26.

There you have it, people. Set your teams tonight, and if you’re on the Atlantic seaboard of the U.S., batten down the hatches for Snowmaggedon. Cheers.


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