BPFL Week 26 Recap: Cruel and Unusual Punishment

BPFL Subbuteo


It was a torturously up-and-down week for Co-commissioner MGlo, who tied his Week 26 fortunes to his favorite club, Liverpool.

He’s got the grisly details here:

This game is pure torture. Seriously, why do we do it? I find myself cursing, screaming at the TV (as well as loved ones), and missing out on sleep because I’m worried about my players. The game can ruin weekends, which turn in to ruined weeks, which turn into ruined months, and … well you get the point.

I can’t count how many times I have texted my co-commissioner to say, “I am out of the pool!”

And I’m in first place!!

This week was especially hard because my beloved Liverpool were the main cause of my pain. And even worse, it was the beloved captain of my beloved Liverpool who was the main culprit. Usually I don’t like having Liverpool players in my squad at all, because it doubles the emotions of cheering for them—both the negative and positive ones, but especially the negative ones.

But since Liverpool had two home games this week I brought in Steven Gerrard and made him Captain. When he stepped up to take a (dubiously given) penalty on Monday against West Brom, I saw 14 points coming my way.

When he missed I saw 0!

This left me in a hole going into the final match of the week, down 18 points. But Swansea fielded a weakened lineup in that one, and Gerrard stepped to the spot for another penalty, which he buried. I was greatly encouraged. Anything else from Stevie G would carry me to victory. When Routledge handled in the area late on I knew it was all over.

But it turned out it was all over for me, because Daniel Sturridge took the penalty!

End result? Liverpool 5 Swansea 1, Markansas 69 Old27m 68. Like I said, pure torture!

I am still top after the loss but my lead is now cut to just two points over second placed Colorado Keeper, who was our Performer of the Week with an amazing 120 points. Nineteen from Enrique, 10 from Azpilicueta, 15 from Bale, 18 from Michu (in one game) and 30 from Captain Suarez led the way as the Keeper makes a run for top spot.

Six points further back is Rise* of FC Hammer, who suffered defeat at the hands of fourth-place Disgruntled Numpties. Just one point separates the two teams. Moving into the fifth spot is I Am Liverpool, who made an amazing comeback to not only defeat Unlucky Loser Fall River Marksmen, but also to win their League Cup match against Sporting de Dijon after trailing by 42 points.

Speaking of the League Cup, here are the Classified Results:

1st Leg (2nd leg to be played this Gameweek 27)

I Am Liverpool 94 Sporting de Dijon 93

Average 65 Abes Army 61

Markansas 69 Disgruntled Numpties 90

*Rise of FC Hammer 64 Clever and Witty 75

Nearpost 30 Fall River Marksmen 73

The losers 61 Prison Mike 68

Thanks MGlo! Good luck this week everyone.


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