BPFL Week 27 Wrap: Order Restored at the Top, League Cup Quarterfinal Draw Released

BPFL Subbuteo

BPFL Co-commissioner MGlo is here with what—if he were channeling the late, great New York Mets announcer Bob Murphy—he might call the happy recap.

Take it away MGlo:

Oh, the ups and downs of a fantasy manager: In last week’s column, I was “out of the pool,” such was my distress at the latest results. But this week normal service has resumed as my Old27m squad now have a four-point lead at the top of the Backpost Table, and I walked away with the Performance of the Week!

Knowing my opponent, The losers, hadn’t made a change since the Thatcher administration, and that his team also included six guys who weren’t even going to play, I was confident that I could afford to sacrifice four points and make an extra change. That transfer, Sissoko of Newcastle (10 points), set me on my way to an 81-point haul. It didn’t hurt that my other transfer was Gareth Bale, who pulled down 30 points as captain. Throw in 15 points from Rafael and 11 from Rickie Lambert and my margin of victory was 68 points.

I have to offer props to seventh-place Sporting de Dijon, whose Joey O’Brien of West Ham earned an assist on Monday, lifting Sporting into a draw with my closest rivals, Colorado Keeper. (The two teams shared the Unlucky Loser award.)

The Keeper is now just four points ahead of third-place Rise* of FC Hammer, who sent I Am Liverpool crashing out of the top five. Liverpool have only themselves to blame, as once again the young lad forgot to make changes. Six players from two teams that didn’t play (including both captain and vice captain) are just not going to cut it, son!

The Average squad replaced IAL in the fifth spot, which means that nine of you are below average (ba-duh-dum)! Fourth place is still held by Disgruntled Numpties, who squeaked by 12th-place Prison Mike. Numpties face a big challenge this week as they square off against Hammer, with one point separating the two clubs.

Over in the Backpost League Cup, we are into the Quarterfinals, which will be played over two legs in Gameweeks 28 and 29. Here is a check of the Classified Results as well as the draw for the next round:

Sporting de Dijon 57 I Am Liverpool 33 (Sporting win 150-127 on aggregate)

Abes Army 40 Average 41 (Average win 106-101 on aggregate)

Disgruntled Numpties 40 Markansas 40 (Numpties win 130-109 on aggregate)

Clever & Witty 58 Rise* of FC Hammer 38 (C&W win 133-102 on aggregate)

Fall River Marksmen 65 Nearpost 31 (Marksmen win 138-61 on aggregate)

Prison Mike 35 The losers 13 (Mike wins 103-74 on aggregate)

Quarterfinal Draw (1st leg to be played in Gameweek 28):

Clever & Witty v Average

Sporting De Dijon v Fall River Marksmen

Prison Mike v Disgruntled Numpties

Old27m v Colorado Keeper

The plum tie of the round is obviously Old27m v Colorado Keeper, No. 1 vs No. 2. Striker v Goalie. We split our two regular season matches (50-47 and 80-71) and since we do not meet in the League again, this tie should be a doozy!

Thanks, MGlo. Don’t forget to set your teams, everyone, and good luck.

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