BPFL Weeks 28 and 29 Wrap: FA Cup Wrinkles, Negligent Owners

BPFL Subbuteo

Your recap for Gameweeks 28 and 29 is finally here (our bad). Without further Freddy Adu, here is BPFL Co-Commissioner Our Man at the Valley:

Oooh, that pesky fixtures list.  Just when you think it’s safe to put your team on cruise control, perhaps helped by a January wildcard and faith in Newcastle’s latest signings, the FA Cup quarterfinals cause your best laid plans to go awry.

(Two brief asides:  I know Sir Walter Scott was a Hearts fan but what about Robert Burns?  Hibs?  Celtic?   Dunfermline Athletic?  Also, if Backpost ever organizes a Scottish Football Fantasy League I’m naming my squad Gang Aft Agley.)

A quirk in the EPL fixture list, namely the FA Cup quarterfinals, wreaked havoc with many of our lineups.  With Tottenham the only one of the top six teams with an EPL match during Gameweek 29, those of us who were still paying attention were left with a quandary: Do we make significant changes now, in the hope of a decent Gameweek 29, or do we hold pat and figure everything will come good when the games are made up sometime in the near future?

Some, like Colorado Keeper, took the former approach.  He made four changes to his squad and paid an eight point penalty. His proactive approach resulted in victories in both the BFPL and the League Cup.

Some, like Fall River Marksmen, sat back and hoped for the best without making any changes. His passive approach didn’t work so well; the Marksmen lost in the BFPL and were knocked out of the League Cup.

Another entrant who did nothing when faced with a difficult Gameweek was Nearpost.  His lack of interest led to a first in the history of the BFPL, 0 points in a Gameweek.

How did this happen to Nearpost?  Let’s chalk it up to a combination of bad luck and not paying attention.  10 of his 15 players had matches postponed due to the FA Cup; Brad Friedel stayed on Tottenham’s bench; Ryan Taylor hasn’t played since August; Nathan Dyer played 30 minutes but picked up a yellow card; Ryan Shawcross played 90 minutes but gave up two goals; and finally, Grant Holt played 90 minutes, missed a penalty and picked up a yellow card. For those keeping score at home or trying to teach their kids some basic math that’s Zero Plus One Minus One Equals Zero.

Additionally, a quirk in the BFPL fixture list left all of us with the same matchups we had only two Gameweeks ago, as Gameweek 28 mirrored Gameweek 26. Among those chanting “Can We Play You Every Week” were Disgruntled Numpties, I Am Liverpool, Clever & Witty, Colorado Keeper and Prison Mike.  The two time losers who will be happy that they don’t have any more league matches against the above are, respectively, Rise* of FC Hammer, Fall River Marksmen, Nearpost, Abes Army and The Losers.

The Performance of Week award in Gameweek 28 went to Colorado Keeper with 88 points.  The Unlucky Loser was his Gameweek opponent, Abes Army, with 72 points.  That was enough to get a result against every other team in our league. Ouch.

In Gameweek 29 I Am Liverpool won Performance of the Week honors with 60 points.  In my opinion no one deserved the Unlucky Loser award.

The Backpost League Cup quarterfinals were held over Gameweeks 28 and 29.  The luck of the draw pitted the top two teams in our league against each other. Colorado Keeper surged to an early lead against Old27M in Gameweek 28, at one point leading 64-19. He held on and won on aggregate 144-106 (88-52; 56-54)

The Keeper is joined in the semifinals by Clever & Witty, a 89-83 come from behind winner over Average (52-56; 37-27); Sporting de Dijon, a 75-64 winner over Fall River Marksmen (42-38; 33-26); and Disgruntled Numpties, a 122-92 winner over Prison Mike (51-72; 41-50).

Edgar Davids pulled the remaining four teams out of a hat sometime this afternoon and the semifinal draw is as follows:

Clever & Witty v. Disgruntled Numpties

Colorado Keeper v. Sporting de Dijon

Matches will be played over Gameweeks 30 and 31.

Thanks OMATV. Good luck to all.


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