BPFL Week 30 Wrap: Father-Son Rubbermatch

BPFL Subbuteo


Co-commissioner MGlo has the Week 30 BPFL recap, much to the chagrin of his son, I Am Liverpool:

When your kids are little and learning to play games, from Monopoly to checkers to basketball or soccer, you find little ways to make sure they win. You build their confidence and let them learn to love and understand the game they are playing.

But as they get older and become better and more experienced, you no longer need to coddle them. I thought of this in light of my battles with I Am Liverpool this season. In week 7 the kid beat my Old27m squad, 53-37. For the next 13 weeks all I heard was “I’m the best!”, “You’re going down old man!”, and my personal favorite “I’m gonna do the treble over you! HA HA!”

Well, we met again in Gameweek 20 and I handily defeated him, 50-30. Unfortunately, this did not shut him up. It only slowed him down. So last week, when we faced each other for the final time this season, there was a lot at stake. Mr. Cocky believed he could beat me without making changes. How did that turn out for you, Buuuddy? Well, I’ll tell you, along with the rest of the readership: It resulted in a VERY satisfying 49-36 victory for Old27m! And THAT shut him up!

So with that victory I am still top of the table, four points ahead of second placed Colorado Keeper. I can’t seem to shake him, and with eight games left, it looks as if it will go to the wire. Eight points further back, in the third spot, is Disgruntled Numpties, who saw their five-game winning streak come to an end at the hands of the Keeper, falling 49-34.

Rise* of FC Hammer are in fourth place, having ended a two-game losing streak. This week, the Hammer faces fifth-placed Average, who’ve won three of their last four, and sit just two points further back. Oh, and in case I Am Liverpool was wondering, he is in sixth place—and that would be BELOW average!

Performance of the Week went to Prison Mike, whose incarceration clearly prevents him from making changes. However, despite the five dead guys on his roster he earned 54 points from 4 clean sheets, 7 Bonus Points, 3 assists and 2 goals. He has also won three in a row and four of his last five. I assume that earns him at least 2 packs of smokes at the Canteen.

Clever and Witty took home the Unlucky Loser honor, with 39 points that would have had them go 6-1-5 against the rest of the league.

The Backpost League Cup is now in the Semifinal stage with the first legs having taken place last week. Below are the Classified Results of the 1st legs (2nd legs to be played in Gameweek 31):

Clever and Witty 39 Disgruntled Numpties 34

Colorado Keeper 49 Sporting de Dijon 53

No matches this weekend as World Cup Qualifying comes to the fore. The Premier League will return on March 30.

Thanks MGlo, and better luck next year, I Am Liverpool!

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