BPFL Week 38: Down to the wire!

Co-commissioner MGlo wraps up the tense title chase that came down to the final week of the inaugural Backpost Fantasy League season:

What an exciting end to a season! An amazing battle at the top of the table to determine who would win the trophy on the last day of the campaign! A parade that brought out all the fans to celebrate a wonderful victory!

No we’re not talking about the English Premier League. We’re talking Backpost Fantasy League and the battle between Dynasty of FC Hammer and coloradokeeper. Going into the last day of the season, the keeper had a 1-point lead over Hammer, with 3rd placed Herk City a further point behind. City’s extra transfer cost them -3 points, and their 1-point loss against Joakimovo stado meant their title hopes had disappeared. I can sympathize with City, who finished the season with two straight defeats after winning 10 in a row. I did the same thing with the same player (Gael Clichy) and it cost me a Top 10 finish as we both had bench players who would have lifted us to victories. Herk’s loss meant the title would come down to the Top 2 clubs.

Dynasty, who had been written off by my esteemed colleague back in week 33 (“ His chances of winning the league have evaporated…”), had won 4 straight, their last loss coming against my Old27m club. The keeper, meanwhile, had won just once in his last three matches. Form held true as FC Hammer eased past The Xerex’s Team 49-39, while the colorado based platoon was trounced by Abes Army 57-40. The Army’s tactical use of their wildcard sealed the fate of the one time table topping team. So Congratulations to Dynasty of FC Hammer and their title winning squad. The Gooner Australian will be whooping it up in Sydney or Brisbane or wherever he hails from as he looks forward to defending his title next season.

Performance of The Week: Useful Shot, That was our first winner of this award and also our last. His team racked up a massive 72 points on the back of Captain Wayne Rooney’s 18 and Jonathan Walters 14. The overall winner of this gong goes to Herk City, who was top performer four times during the season. A nice addition to his Backpost Cup win. Congratulations, HC.

Unlucky Loser: Herk City’s 51 points were better than 31 other clubs, but not enough to beat his final round opponent, Joakimovo stado. City took this award three and a half times this season, and twice in the last two weeks, but they were bested by Afrikan Letsatsi, who won it four and a half times. I’m not sure Congratulations are really in order for this one, though there is an award, if we can locate the AL manager.

So we’ve come to the end of the season, and I for one am looking forward to a break. I can now enjoy my Friday afternoons without the stress of making transfers. I can also enjoy my weekends without the distractions of what’s happening with my team. I wish all a very happy summer and look forward to seeing everyone again in August. Enjoy the Euros!

Thanks MGlo, and thanks to everyone who participated.

BPFL Week 37: Soaring On Wings of Wax

Co-commissioner Our Man at the Valley takes the mic for his final recap of the BPFL season.

He breaks out some ancient mythology to capture this week’s top-of-the-table turnover:

There’s a story entrenched in Greek mythology about a young man named Icarus who, given wings and the gift of flight, flies too close to the sun, causing the glue on his wings to melt and Icarus to crash to his death.

In the second-to-last week of the EPL season we saw a modern day equivalent as Herk City seized first place in the BPFL for the first time all season, having finally soared past longtime leader Coloradokeeper.

Herk City made one change, bringing in Icarus in place of Fernando Torres, a striker firmly rooted to the ground. Okay, it wasn’t Icarus, but Herk City brought in Robin Van Persie—a player who has certainly soared this season—in place of Torres, and the Arsenal captain earned City 26 points.

Alas, RVP’s heroic output merely kept City’s match against 25th-placed Gunters much closer than it otherwise would have been. HC lost 57-48.

Coupled with Coloradokeeper’s 57-48 victory over YourAdHere, City is back in second place with a week to play. Check that, Herk City is actually in third place, as Dynasty of FC Hammer leapfrogged the plummeting onetime leader.

So, with a week to play, the point totals and remaining opponents at the top of the table looks like this:

Coloradokeeper 86 points Abe’s Army

Dynasty of FC Hammer 85 points The Xerez’s Team

Herk City 84 points Joakimovo Stado

Looking at the opponents, The Xerez’s Team is the only one of the trio in the top 10; Abe’s Army, however, had the most points of the three last week.  The Army also has its Wild Card remaining; making good use of that will surely impact the title race [he oh-so-subtly hinted—Ed.].

All matches take place on Sunday at 3pm.

Performance of the Week:  For the second time in three weeks this award goes to The Rihno’s. They rode Ashley Young and four defensive clean sheets to a total of 63 points.

Unlucky Loser:  There’s little solace for our deposed leader Herk City. His 48 points were the best of the losers this week but couldn’t beat Gunters’ 57.

Thanks OMATV—both for this, and the seasonlong effort.

We’re going down to the wire, folks. Look for MGlo’s summary of the finale next week.

BPFL Week 36: Table-Toppers Toppled

Not too long ago, the coloradokeeper was cruising, seemingly unstoppably, toward the BPFL title. Oh, what a difference a few weeks makes.

Co-commissioner MGlo is here with your Week 36 writeup (Week 37 wraps up tomorrow; Our Man at the Valley will have that recap later in the week):

There’s a new Sheriff in town and his name is Herk City! That’s right. We have a new leader in the Backpost Fantasy League. After 27 weeks at the top of the table, coloradokeeper have been knocked from their perch. With two gameweeks to go, the Top 3 teams are separated by just 2 points. Herk City are in first place with 84 points. They have now won 10 straight and are 1 point ahead of the aforementioned keeper.

The Rocky Mountain club has been struggling of late with two consecutive defeats and just 9 points from a possible 21. The slump has allowed third-place Dynasty of FC Hammer, 7-1-1 in their last 9, to pull within 1 point of 2nd spot. Here are the remaining matches for the 3 teams:

Herk City

A v Gunters (#25)

H v Joakimovo stado (#22)


H v YourAdHere (#40)

H v Abes Army (#28)

Dynasty of FC Hammer

A v Joakimovo stado (#22)

H v The Xerex’s Team (#9)

It appears that coloradokeeper has the easiest run-in, with both matches in the rarefied air of their home stadium, something Bolivia uses to full advantage in World Cup qualifying. If the keeper can get back on track, and City slip up once, the title should be his. But don’t discount the current leader Herk City, who are the in-form team of the moment. FC Hammer have the toughest road to the title but if they take care of business, and the other squads drop points, they could swoop for the title in the last minute. Stay tuned.

As for the remaining places in the Top 10, DisgruntledNumpties will finish 4th regardless of results, while the other places are up for grabs with 4 points separating the fifth and 14th spots.

Performance of The Week: Clearly it has been Herk City’s week, as not only did they take over the Top spot, but they also won this award for the fourth time this season. More than half of City’s whopping 114 points came from his forwards. Captain Pappiss Cisse, Nikica Jelavic and Fernando Torres scored nine goals and earned 11 Bonus Points. Tottenham’s Rafael Van der Vaart added 2 goals, an assist and a clean sheet in two matches for 22 points, and John Terry and Mark Schwarzer chipped in with 11 and 10 points respectively.

Unlucky Loser:Giorgio Chinaglia takes the gong as his 79 points were good enough to beat 32 teams, but not his opponent this week.

Thank you, Mr. Commissioner. This one’s coming down to the wire.

BPFL Gameweek 35: Crash of the Titans

Here is co-commissioner Our Man at the Valley recapping an eventful week in which perennial champions Barcelona, Man U, and the Coloradokeeper all took it on the chin, and the BPFL title chase tightened with three weeks to play:

It was a bad week for managers of three of the biggest sides in world soccer.

One of those three, Pep Guardiola, saw his team knocked out of the Champions League just days after their hope of retaining La Liga title all but evaporated.

Another of the trio, Alex Ferguson, saw his side held by Everton in a thrilling 4-4 draw, opening the door for his biggest rivals in the Premiership title chase ahead of this Monday’s Manchester Derby.

The third of the trio, Coloradokeeper, saw his Costa Rican vacation ruined by an attack of mystery insects, and his BPFL title hopes dented in a 51-44 loss to socr_maniac. The ’keeper’s lead at the top of the table has been cut to two points. He lost for the third time in six weeks as he continues to stumble towards the finish line.

Hot on the ‘keeper’s heels is Herk City, winners of nine in a row. City disposed of the transfer-challenged El Nino, 63-46. In third place, a further two points adrift, is Dyanasty of FC Hammer, a 44-33 winner over Taeguk Warriors.

With three weeks remaining it’s shaping up as a great finish. By the end of this Gameweek we could have a new leader. This week Coloradokeeper hosts seventh-placed Lildweaver; Herk City is away to 32nd placed Tranungite; and Dynasty of FC Hammer faces mid-table Escobar’s Revenge.

Performance of the Week:  You had to scroll a long way down the table to find our Performer of the Week. The Rihno’s, assured of relegation to BPFL 2 next season (as well as being held back in third grade for basic spelling errors), produced a stunning 78 points. He had clean sheets from four of his back five, 16 points from Chris Eagles and 26 from Wayne Rooney.

Unlucky Loser:  Rihno’s opponent, Afrikan Letsatsi, takes the dubious award this week—for an incredible fifth time this season. AL is a near certainty to take home the season-long title of Unlucky Loser. His 62 points would have beaten 34 other teams. Even more remarkable: If those five losses had been wins, he’d be only two points out of first place.

Ouch. That is a hard-luck case. Thanks OMATV. Gameweek 36 is a big one, with 14 games spread from Saturday April 28 to Wed May 2. Don’t forget to set your lineups, and good luck.

BPFL Gameweek 34: Co-Commissioner’s Blues

It was a tough week for co-commissioner MGlo, who was hoping to continue his ascent up the Top 10, but ran into an unexpected roadblock against a lightly regarded, spelling-challenged underdog.

Here he is with the gory details in this week’s Backpost Fantasy League recap:

Oh how frustrating is this Pool!!

Defeating sixth-place Ahmad Haziq Hashim…No problem. Beating third-place Dynasty of FC Hammer…No Problem. Downing 41st-place The Rihno’s, who beside not being able to spell, have made only six transfers all season, and none since September…Big Problem.

Are you kidding me??!!

And there’s more: He only had eight guys playing against my 10. Going into Monday’s Arsenal-Wigan game I was down 13 but with Captain van Persie, Walcott and Sagna against Watson who wasn’t even playing. That’s 8 points right there for those three, pulling me right away to within 5 points. Are you telling me van Persie can’t score a goal? Walcott can’t? Sagna can’t come up with a clean sheet? They were playing Wigan. At Home! By the eighth minute I was ready to hang myself as the Latics went 2-0 up. Then Sagna got booked…and you know the rest. So instead of being in seventh place, I am in ninth.


At the top of the table coloradokeeper continues to lead and can now finish no worse than 3rd. He has won two straight and three of his last four, and maintains a 5-point lead over second-place Herk City. Eight consecutive victories have kept City hot on the leader’s tails. While pushing for the top spot though, they are also trying to fend off third-place Dynasty of FC Hammer, who are just 2 points back. Hammer returned to winning ways and are unbeaten in seven of their last eight (6-1-1).

Despite being trounced 70-39 last week by the surging I Am Liverpool squad, fourth-place DisgruntledNumpties look to be safe in that spot. But the Numpties must put a run together rather than alternate wins and losses as they have done over the past four weeks. They will be hoping for a second straight win when they face struggling The Xerex’s Team, who hold the seventh position and have lost two of their last three. Fifth place belongs to Afrikan Letsatsi, who have won four in a row, and are ahead of sixth-place Ahmad Haziq Hashim on point differential. El nino moved into the eighth slot with their first win in five matches and are 1 point better than my team, Old27m. My second loss in three games has allowed a younger version of me to catch up: I Am Liverpool, managed by my son, have won six in a row and seven of their last eight to round out the Top 10.

Performance of The Week: Kudos to mudheads who won another POTW gong. Captain Wayne Rooney earned 26 points with two goals and 3 Bonus points, while Swansea’s Gylfi Sigurdsson chipped in with 14 from a goal, an assist and 3 Bonus points. Michel Vorm, Johnny Evans and Matt Kilgallon all pitched clean sheets to take his total for the week to 73.

Unlucky Loser: Naturally, it was me, Old 27m. I had 51 points, which would have beaten 29 other teams.

Thanks MGlo. Better luck next week.

BPFL Weeks 33 and 34: Upset of the Year Tightens Title Chase

Stand back: Here comes Our Man at the Valley with two weeks’ worth of piping hot BPFL recap goodness. (Actually they’ve cooled a bit here at the BP World HQ, since he filed them last week.) The biggest news of  Easter weekend’s double Gameweek: DHD Photography—with one roster spot devoted to tribute—pulls off a shocker. Take it away OMATV:

The Easter weekend brought a double set of EPL Gameweeks to the Backpost Fantasy League. Fixtures began on Good Friday and the second set began on Easter Monday.

Manchester City started the weekend in shouting distance of leaders Manchester United. However, City stumbled away to Arsenal while United got the benefit of the doubt on a dive by Ashley Young and turned that into a simple win against Queens Park Rangers.

The second of the two Gameweeks saw Man City cut the gap to five points, thanks mostly to a stellar performance from Sergio Aquero, who had two goals and two assists.

In the BPFL, DHD Photography sprung a big surprise in Gameweek 32, taking down league leaders Coloradokeeper 63-53. DHD, who hasn’t made a transfer all season, and who seems to be persisting with Fabrice Muamba in his team as a sign of respect, got 18 points from Wayne Rooney and 15 from Clint Dempsey to emerge winners.

That result allowed Dynasty of FC Hammer to cut the ‘keeper’s lead to four points, with six Gameweeks remaining. However, the Hammer was upended in Gameweek 33, edged by a resurgent Old27M, 61-59. Coupled with a win for the ‘keeper, this leaves Herk City in second place, five points adrift.

Performances of the Week: The Gameweek 32 performer of the week was Afrikan Letsatsi, who racked up 68 points. Letsatsi also had Rooney and Dempsey, and picked up clean sheets from Tim Krul, Danny Simpson and Jonny Evans.

The Fluffy Bunnies turned in the high score for Gameweek 33, with a massive 83 points. That’s a good name for a team that saves its best week for Easter. The Bunnies haven’t made a transfer all season but still managed double-digit points from five of their players.

Unlucky Losers: The magic number in Gameweek 32 was 53 points. Three teams managed that but still lost:  Coloradokeeper, Fluffy Bunnies, and Bryan 04 Leverkusen.

In Gameweek 33, Dynasty of FC Hammer got a small consolation prize: His chances of winning the league have evaporated, but he is our Unlucky Loser of the week.

Gameweek 34 kicked off this past weekend—it was somewhat truncated due to FA Cup commitments—and wrapped up with today’s Arsenal-Wigan match. Writeup to follow tomorrow.

Thank you, Co-Commissioner. Looking forward to the stretch run. Will the ’keeper go wire to wire?

BPFL Week 31: Herk City Hardware, Colorado King

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome co-commissioner MGlo. Under that gleaming, silver-domed platter, he holds the BPFL Week 31 wrap-up. Voila:

The Numpties are Disgruntled, City win a Cup, the Dynasty keep Hammering away, and the keeper continues to parry everything that comes his way! Those were the headlines of this past week in the Backpost EPL Fantasy League.

We start with the League Cup Final, and the capacity crowd that watched third-place Herk City take on 16th-place socr_maniac. There was plenty of excitement in the air as the maniac took a 38-37 lead going into the two Sunday matches. Gareth Bale earned 5 points for City, but two Swansea defenders and Tim Krul’s clean sheet helped the maniac increase their lead to 4 points going into the Monday night clash between Blackburn and Manchester United. Herk had Jonny Evans, Antonio Valencia and Wayne Rooney in his squad, while maniac had Patrice Evra, and Rooney as his captain, along with Blackburn’s Yakubu.

It looked good for a long while for the maniac as the teams were scoreless for 80 minutes and Valencia was booked. But things turn quickly in this game (just ask Martin O’Neil’s men), and only five minutes later, Valencia had a goal, an assist and 3 Bonus points to carry Herk City to a famous 64-58 victory.

Congratulations to the 1st Backpost League Cup Champion!

Back in the League, first-place coloradokeeper maintained their 7-point lead at the top, and it looks as if it’s their title to lose. They play no one in the Top 10 to finish out their schedule and have won three of their last four, scoring 205 points in those three wins. Second-place Dynasty of FC Hammer is still plugging away, undefeated in their last four (3-1-0), but play two of the Top 10 in the next few weeks.

Herk City, having won five straight, are just a point back in third place, but have moved 5 points clear of fourth-placed Disgruntled Numpties. City’s 64-42 defeat of the Numpties last week ended the latter’s 12-game unbeaten run. Fortunately for the Numpties, fifth-place Ahmad Haziq Hashim also lost, ending their five-game unbeaten stretch to stay 3 points further back. The two teams meet in three weeks’ time as they battle for the final Champions League place. Sixth-place The Xerex’s Team will be hoping to join that tussle, and with three consecutive victories they will be in a confident mood. However, four of their last seven matches will be against the Top 10 clubs. My Old27m squad has ascended to seventh place, having won five in a row and seven of the last eight. I swapped places with El nino, whose transfer policy leaves something to be desired. They have now lost three straight and still have to face three of the Top 10. Afrikan Letsatsi moved up to the ninth spot with their first victory in four games, while Giorgio Chinagliawhose legendary namesake passed away this week!— rounded out the Top 10, having won two of their last three.

Performance of the Week: tango took this award for the first time this season with a 71-point haul. Captain Emanuel Adebayor netted 26 points thanks to two goals and 3 Bonus points, while Seb Larsson did the same, only without the armband. Clint Dempsey chipped in 11 with a goal and an assist, while Edzin Dzeko added an assist and Danny Simpson earned a clean sheet.

Unlucky Loser: RayDomPsychicAdvisor won the unfortunate honor this week as he fought valiantly against second-place Dynasty of FC Hammer, losing 55-54. Wrong team, wrong time as 32 other clubs would have been beaten by that score.

Thanks MGlo. Week 32 is under way folks—as of today’s Swansea–Newcastle match (you all have Papiss Cisse right?!).

BPFL Week 30: League Cup Semis, Rare Stumble for the ’Keeper

Our Man at the Valley has this week’s Backpost Fantasy League roundup, which features an unlucky, and infrequent, loss for the top-of-the-table coloradokeeper, and the final stages of the BP League Cup:

This week featured the semifinals of the Backpost League Cup.  The draw yielded the following:

Useful Shot, That v. Herk City

Socr_Maniac v. Mudheads

Herk City got a shutout from Bacary Sagna and an assist from Ryo Miyaichi (a young player short on neither talent nor vowels), but not much more prior to Monday’s Manchester United match. Nonetheless, he led Useful Shot, That 24-18 heading into the match; Herk City had Jonny Evans, Antonio Valencia and Wayne Rooney to Useful Shot, That’s Clint Dempsey and Rooney as Captain.

In the other semifinal, Socr_Maniac led 20-18 awaiting Monday’s match, after factoring in an automatic substitution of Victor Moses. The Maniac looked like a clear favorite, with Rooney as his captain, and Patrice Evra and Danny Murphy also in his squad. Mudheads were relying on Dempsey and Valencia to overcome the deficit.

As it played out, an assist and a clean sheet from Evans was enough to offset the Rooney goal and Herk City were winners 45-32. The same Rooney goal was enough for Socr_Maniac, as he won 39-23.

The final, between Herk City and Socr-Maniac, takes place this week. Good luck to both teams.

At the top of the table, our leader Coloradokeeper suffered only his third defeat of the season, 44-42 to Sunshine FC.  And though there were wins for the rest of the top 5, the ‘keeper’s lead is still a very healthy seven points with only eight weeks to go.

Performance of the Week: Joakimovo Stado took the honor this week with an impressive 66 points.  It’s the second time in five weeks that Stado has claimed this gong.

Unlucky Loser The dubious prize was shared between Coloradokeeper and Afrikan Letsatsi, who each lost despite having 42 points. It was the second week in a row that Letsatsi shared this prize; unlucky on many different levels.

The big matches at the top of the table this coming week feature leaders Coloradokeeper against sixth placed El Nino and my Disgruntled Numpties facing off against Herk City. The loser of the latter match can forget about his outside chance of winning; the winner will take over third place.

Thanks OMATV. Week 31 kicks off tomorrow (Sat). Don’t forget to set your lineups, and good luck to all.

BPFL: Belated Gameweek 29 Wrap

We are one game away from completing the 30th Gameweek of the inaugural BPFL season, so let’s get the Week 29 summary up, shall we? Here’s co-commissioner MGlo:

And then there were four! We are into the semifinals of the Backpost League Cup and things are really heating up. There is only one Top 10 team left in the competition, and third-place Herk City will be in a confident mood to progress after their 62-53 victory over second-place Dynasty of FC Hammer. We’ll hand the mic to James Alexander Gordon for the Classified Cup Results:

“In the Backpost League Cup:

mudheads 41 Bryan 04 Leverkusen 33

Herk City 62 Dynasty of FC Hammer 53

Tranungkite 30 socr_maniac 58

Thissiteblows@P.Mike 30 Useful Shot, That 45”

Thank you, Mr. Gordon.


Looking over the League table, and hoping my figuring is correct, since the site still hadn’t updated as of this writing, coloradokeeper now has a 10-point at the top. It looks as if it’s his to lose and Paddy Power is already paying out on their title bets.

The battle then becomes for second place and it’s a tight one as three teams are within three points of each other. Second-place Dynasty of FC Hammer is currently struggling with just one win in their last five matches. A point further back in third is Herk City, who have won three straight and will face fourth-place DisgruntledNumpties in Week 31, a match that will go a long way to determining how the table sorts out. Speaking of the Numpties, they’re currently the hottest team in the league. They are unbeaten in their last 11 (10-0-1) and have won seven in a row.

Ahmad Haziq Hashim moved into the fifth spot, leapfrogging El nino, who dropped to sixth after losing to seventh-place The Xerex’s Team. El nino ended a two-game winning streak while Xerex ended a two-game losing run. Afrikan Letsatsi, who have only taken a point from their last two matches, are struggling to hold down eighth place, obviously still woozy from the heady win over coloradokeeper three weeks ago. Giorgio Chinaglia remain ninth, tied on points with Letsatsi after ending a five-game losing streak. My Old27m team rounds out the top 10, having won three in a row, and five of the last six. I will be looking to move up the table this coming week, and in the process exact some revenge on mudheads, who knocked me out of the Cup.

Performance of The Week: Our fearless leader coloradokeeper took the gong this week, for the third time this season. The league leaders trounced tranungkite 68-30, with their defense and forwards leading the way. Both Thomas Vermaelen and Johnny Evans scored a goal, earned a clean sheet and pulled in Bonus Points. Up front Yakubu grabbed a goal and 3 Bonus points, while Captain van Persie notched an assist.

Unlucky Loser: We had a tie this week between Dynasty of FC Hammer and Afrikan Letsatsi. They drew their match with 53 points each, a total good enough to beat 33 other clubs, but not each other.

Thanks MGlo. With Week 30 ending after today’s Man U-Fulham match, keep an eye out for that wrapup, which will include League Cup semifinal results.

BPFL Gameweek 28: Too Clever By Half, and League Cup Reaches Quarterfinals

We are barreling down the stretch of the first BP fantasy season. Co-Commissioner Our Man at the Valley is here with this week’s BPFL wrapup, which spotlights a backfired strategy saved by good luck, Herk City’s romp, and the League Cup third round:

I thought I was being clever by making my transfers early in the week.

I had two transfers and 2.0 million saved up and wanted to bring in a couple of Liverpool players who had two games scheduled for the Gameweek.  As bad luck would have it, two of my players, Stephan Sessegnon and Nathan Dyer, were starting three-game suspensions for red cards earned in the previous Gameweek.

I decided to make the transfers early in the Gameweek, before either of my two players suffered a hit in transfer price. That part of the equation worked pretty well:  I contemplated bringing in Charlie Adam and Jay Spearing and while I would have liked Adam I didn’t want Spearing (Steven Gerrard was too expensive) but wanted more attacking players so I picked up Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson and was left with nothing in the bank.

Sessegnon subsequently dropped in price and I was feeling pretty good about myself since I wouldn’t have been able to make the dual transfer had I waited a few more days.

Then Vincent Kompany got hurt in Man City’s midweek Europa League match.  He’s been part of three straight clean sheets and has been a rock in my defense.  Then Joleon Lescott got hurt and suddenly I was short on defenders. A Liverpool defender such as Jose Enrique or Martin Skrtel would have fit in nicely alongside Downing. Oh well!!

As it played out, Downing sat on the bench for most of Liverpool’s first game and I ended the weekend trailing by 18 points to DHD, a guy who I have it on good authority owns a purple velvet bathrobe, once failed to recognize Steve Nash playing alongside him in a pickup soccer game, and who hasn’t made a transfer all season [All three points verified by the BP fact-checking dept.—Ed.].

Robin Van Persie helped me cut the gap to 10 points, with only Liverpool v Everton remaining. With Henderson and Downing (as my captain) up against only Tim Howard I had a good chance to catch up and prove my transfer theory correct. One Stewart Downing goal would have been enough. The cross he laid on Martin Kelly’s foot would have been enough for a tie. As it was, I lost.

At least until I looked at the site on Wednesday morning.

Turns out that Frazier Campbell and his five points remained on my opponent’s bench despite the numerous injuries in DHD’s squad—since the rules stipulate that you must have a minimum of three defenders in your lineup, even if they don’t actually play.

So, to paraphrase Lefty Gomez said, it’s better to be lucky than good.

League Cup Third Round Results

In the most interesting of the 3rd round ties, Afrikan Letsatsi saw his two-point victory turn into a six-point loss to minnow Useful Shot, That after being penalized eight points for making two substitutions more than were allowed.  One of the players removed was Victor Moses of Wigan who had his best game of the season.

Additionally, there was a win for fellow minnows Tranungkite, also mired around 30th place in the BFL.

Tranungkite 47-44 Gunters

Herk City 78-35 tango

socr_maniac 59-44 Ahmad Haziq Hashim

El nino 54-58 Dynasty of FC Hammer

Mudheads 49-26 I Am Liverpool

thissiteblows@P.Mike 46-34 YourAdHere

Afrikan Letsatsi 48-54 Useful Shot, That

Lildweaver 49-52 Bryan 04 Leverkusen

League Cup Quarterfinal Draw

The headline match of the quarterfinals sees third-place Herk City meet second-place Dynasty of FC Hammer.

Mudheads v. Bryan 04 Leverkusen

Herk City v. Dynasty of FC Hammer

Tranungkite v. Socr_maniac

ThissiteblowsatPMike v. Useful Shot, That

Performer of the Week

Herk City, led by the lethal front line of Luis Suarez, Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney, ran away with the gong this week, racking up 82 points.

Unlucky Loser

Sunshine FC pulled down 55 points were much closer to the Average score than most winners of this prestigious weekly award. I don’t know what to make of that.

Top of the Table.

Business as usual as there were wins for the top 3 (Coloradokeeper, Dynasty of FC Hammer and Herk City).  Also of note was a rare win for bottom club ChaiceBrosMakeAllLeague, his fifth of a disappointing campaign.

Thanks OMATV. Gameweek 29 starts on Saturday and runs to next Wednesday the 21st. Don’t forget to set your lineups.