Breaking: Judah Friedlander, World Champion, Banned from MLS All-Star Game

You may know him as Frank Rossitano from NBC’s 30 Rock, but Judah Friedlander is much more than an actor on an Emmy Award–winning sitcom.

He’s also the World Champion (after winning the World Championships), a master of the martial arts, and an accomplished soccer player who was kicked off the Brazilian national team for scoring a bicycle kick off his own corner kick.* The play showed up his teammates so much that they voted him off the team.

Additionally, Friedlander had been scheduled to play in this Wednesday’s MLS All-Star Game against Manchester United. But his presence would have required goalkeepers to don Kevlar vests and helmets* for their protection, a measure deemed to costly by league honchos, so Friedlander was barred from the event.

He did tape this explanatory video, though:

*These facts courtesy of Friedlander, from his appearance on ExtraTime Radio, here.