Announcer Spotlight: Lara Baldesarra

We held our tongues for a while on this one because we assumed—as we imagine most regular viewers of the Fox Soccer Report did—that the experiment couldn’t possibly last.

Fox would never keep on an anchor who betrayed her lack of understanding of the game on literally every story and every highlight reel she presented, would they?

Apparently, they would.

Baldesarra replaced the perfectly serviceable Carlos Machado late last year, and immediately started dropping the “Totten-HAM’s” and the “Arjen Row-BENs,” and showing that she didn’t understand what she was looking at as she narrated game highlights.

We gave it two weeks, tops.

Yet here she is, almost six months later, still on the job.

She just mispronounced the Chelsea coach’s surname as “Angelotti”—literally this second as we write this—and then she just did it again before we even finished the sentence.

We don’t want to be ungentlemanly about it, but her feminine qualities fall well short of trumping her glaringly obvious lack of familiarity with the sport she covers. Helen of Troy couldn’t pull it off, if she pronounced ‘Richard Dunne’ as ‘Doone.’

And we are not alone on this one—these guys devoted an entire page to the subject, right here.

Come on, Fox Soccer—as the guys above say, we’re sure she’s a lovely human being, but your loyal viewers deserve better.