Training Bib Completely Shuts Down Mario Balotelli

We have a five-year-old son and, not to brag on our own kid, but he’s got some talent on the pitch. He can handle a number of basic skills very well, but he struggles mightily in one department: When handed a pinnie to put on for practice games, he cannot make head or tails of it, and always requires adult assistance to get the thing on.

Turns out he’s got a lot in common with Manchester City’s talented youngster Mario Balotelli:

Fortunately for young Backpost, you can get all the way to the highest level without mastering that particular skill.

“MLS Owns the City of Manchester Right Now”

So said Kansas City defender Jimmy Conrad after his team downed Manchester United 2-1 on Sunday, not long after the New York Red Bulls had beaten Manchester City by the same score.

No doubt Conrad—who was shown a straight red in the 39th minute after taking down Dimitar Berbatov in the box—was feeling a rush of blood to the head when he made the comment. He swore he got a lot of the ball on the play and didn’t think he deserved the red (the replays showed that referee Terry Vaughn, who’s messed up a call or two in the past, got this one right).

So, yeah, Conrad was going with the heart not the head when he threw that one out.

But still, the results—especially the win by 10-man KC—are impressive. Check out the Wizards-Man U highlights below:

The effort drew some praise from Man U coach Sir Alex Ferguson, who called the Wizards, “a big, strong team. They’re athletic, very powerful,” and it paid immediate dividends for Kansas City: The club is moving into its own soccer-specific stadium next June (capacity, 18,500) and saw a spike in season-ticket sales for the venue, with more than 700 sold on Monday.

Here are the Red Bulls-Man City highlights, with a “heavy legged” Thierry Henry (he’s packing in the training sessions to get match fit for his MLS debut on July 31), more good work from Macoumba Kandji, and Dane Richards proving once again (see Santos friendly in March) that he is the best exhibtion-game player in MetroBull history (now, as for MLS games…..):