D.C.’s Jed Zayner: “Sorry I Said ‘Balls’ ”

Here’s D.C. United defender Jed Zayner talking to broadcaster Thomas Rongen at halftime of the Black-and-Red’s 1-1 tie with Real Salt Lake on Saturday.

After Zayner drops a non-FCC–approved phrase into the conversation, Rongen, instead of just moving on, takes the opportunity to ask him … how his boys are, for lack of a better phrase. Enjoy:

While we’re on the topic of Zayner, a few fun facts on this kid—he’s like a walking museum of heartland Americana: His full first name is Jedidiah; he’s from Valparaiso, Indiana, he attended the University of Indiana, and before that, Carl Sandburg High School.

He’s also very active in charity work, as a spokesman for the USSF’s Passback program, for Lacelet, a Juvenile Diabetes Research Program, and Filleo, his own non-profit company.

Maybe not the first guy you’d expect to drop a “babymakers” reference on live TV, but there it is.