Tim Cahill Headed to Red Bulls?

The New York club has not confirmed it yet, but Everton’s website is reporting that the Toffees have agreed to a transfer to MLS and the Red Bulls for veteran Australian attacker Tim Cahill.

Cahill, 32, didn’t have a great season at Everton last year, but he produced nine goals and four assists in 27 league appearances in 2010-11, and he established himself as a dangerous attacking threat in his eight seasons with the Merseyside club.

He’s also a mainstay with the Australian national team, having scored 24 goals in 55 appearances for his country.

If confirmed, the transfer would give the Red Bulls the most dangerous attacking corps in MLS. They’re already second in the league in goals per game, with Thierry Henry (10 goals, six assists), Kenny Cooper (13 goals, one assist), Sebastien Le Toux (five goals, two assists), and Joel Lindpere (three goals, four assists) leading the way.

Adding a player of Cahill’s ability to this group, which also includes Dax McCarty—who’s enjoying arguably the best season of his career—Rafa Marquez, rising youngster Connor Lade, and, when he returns from injury, experienced Finnish international Teemu Tainio, would firmly establish the Red Bulls as Eastern Conference and MLS Cup favorites.

If their backline can stay healthy and consistent, the Red Bulls could finally acquire something for their heretofore empty trophy case.

Backpost Reader Tabs World Cup’s Worst Uniforms

Rakish, debonair reader Old27 has found the worst-looking kit at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and, the honor goes to [opens envelope] … Australia!

Let’s have a look:

Yep, that’s pretty bad. Looks like a late-1980s Midwestern U.S. high school jersey.

In the Oz designers’ defense, though, that brutal green-and-yellow color scheme handcuffs you right out of the gate. Maybe they did better with the away shirt:

Oof. No. Wow. They dropped the garish color scheme, yet this one is even worse in its mustard-y beige awfulness. Damn.

This prompted a little research at BP HQ, and based on our findings, we are forced to conclude that the Australians have never gotten a uniform right, in any sport, ever.

Nothing at all against the fine people of Australia, but sheesh, take a look:

Cricket, 2010:

Those are pajamas. Ugly ones, too.

Rugby League, 2008:

We personally would not tell this particular fella that his kit looks like s***, but…his kit looks like s***.

Soccer, 1990:

This one comes from Alex, who calls it the Socceroos “Spew” strip. And we thought the U.S. ‘denim’ shirt from 1994 was bad.

Women’s basketball, 2008:

Spandex? Check. One piece? Check. Awkard, ugly? Check, check.

We’re not sure how to account for this, but hey, if you happen to be a recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, the Pratt Institute, or Parsons, and you’re having trouble landing a job in these economic times, we know of a prime opportunity-area for your skill set. Get thee to Australia. You’d be doing us all a favor.