We Used to Want Thierry Henry to Come to MLS

Now? Not so much…. This has already raged through much of the InterWebs, but we have to include it here at Backpost, simply because it’s an outrage of soccer-historic proportions—one that will never be forgotten in Ireland, and probably not anywhere else (including Red Bull Arena, should Henry deign to make that stadium his new home next summer, as rumors have suggested). Here’s the best version of the evidence out there, and we apologize in advance for the Evanescence:

[Update: the best version was removed from YouTube—no doubt at Sepp Blatter’s orders … kidding!—but the replacement above is not bad, and has no Evanescence on the soundtrack.]

We’ve followed Henry for years, and have always been fans. We watched him play up close and in person at Steve Nash’s charity game on Chrystie Street in New York City, and he always struck us as a class act. But this…this…You know, you think you know someone ….

For those that don’t know: Henry’s little extra-legal improvisation bounced Ireland out of the World Cup finals in South Africa next summer, and sent France to the tournament.

May they go three and out.