The Chris Seitz Experiment May Not Be Working Out In Philadelphia

Union goalkeeper Chris Seitz followed up his gaffe against Jaime Moreno and D.C. United last week with two more mistakes that led directly to goals last night against Toronto F.C.

The game marked the Reds’ home opener on BMO Field’s new grass pitch, and Toronto did not disappoint the home fans, winning 2-1.

Seitz and Philly were also hurt by yet another red card drawn by the Union backline—this time on an especially stupid play by Travis Bickle Danny Califf, who should know better, considering his years of experience.

In the highlights below, check out his blatant elbow and body block on Julian De Guzman—a desperation move that the replay shows wasn’t even necessary: Califf’s soft backpass probably would have reached Seitz even if the Mohawked defender hadn’t gone WWE on Guzman:

Great goal by the Union’s Jordan Harvey, but it was not enough as Toronto picked up its first win of the season, and now shares a 1-2-0 record with Philly.