It’s Been Fun; Thanks for Reading


This has been coming for several months now—as you could probably tell from the steep dropoff in posts here—and today it’s official: After three and a half years, 1,091 posts, and untold thousands of misplaced modifiers, wrongheaded opinions, and factual errors, we are shutting down the Backpost.

We launched this site in late 2009 with three purposes in mind. One was to get our writing out there, in hopes of landing a gig at a bigger site such as MLSSoccer. The others were to provide a forum for more irreverent stuff that wouldn’t necessarily fit in at a mainstream site, and to simply create an outlet for our ongoing soccer jones.

Well, we’ve checked off all three boxes, and since we’ve recently expanded our role at the day job while also taking on more freelance work, there’s just no room left for the Backpost.

But it’s been fun—we especially enjoyed doing this, this and this, among many others—and we send a sincere thanks to everyone who happened by, and a double dose of gratitude to those who made regular trips.

Your attention was much appreciated. Please keep reading our stuff over at the MLS site and follow us on Twitter at @JohnEM12.

Thanks again,